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Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm PDT
medicare to pay for it. i want to put the money back in medicare for our seniors. it puts in place an unelected board that's going to tell people ultimately what kind of treatments they can have. pre-existing conditions are covered unmy plan. >> eliot: the obama ad took those claims on as well. >> each one has been checked and checked again. what president obama has proposed are not cuts cuts to medicare. the verdict is the language mitt romney uses, the verdict is false. >> romney: pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan. >> i have to rate that mostly fiction. >> eliot: while the obama campaign fought back today, the president seemed tired and disconnected and glad it was all over last night. >> obama: i want to thank governor romney because i think it was a terrific debate. and i very much appreciate it. >> eliot: minutes later liberal commentators began screaming about the attack lines the president could have used but ignored. why no mention of romney's damming comments that 47% of americans were fr
Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm PDT
person he's ever met. berkeley is hitting him on the issue of medicare because he voted for the ryan budget twice. polls are very, very close there. i would give a slight edge to heller. >> eliot: what does it mean that the voters in nevada don't seem to care that she and berkeley is the subject of an ethics investigation? is this par for the course in washington? something about nevada? that is an interesting phenomenon. >> it's vegas, baby, right? it's interesting. i don't know how much information there is on this. remember we pay attention to this all summer, you know. this dropped in july. i don't know how many voters have a lot of information about the details of the ethics investigation. i do think a lot of voters put their hands up and say look, this is partisan politics. when there is an investigation open anymore it is seen through the lens of partisanship. this guy is doing it because they're in another party. that's part of it. people throwing their hands up and not believing even in inv
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm PDT
clear to the american people what mitt romney and paul ryan's policies are on medicare healthcare. >> eliot: i think all that have is correct. but it runs a little deeper than that. there is a basic goodness to the american public. a sense of where mitt romney was going in the convection, the 47% video which incapsulated everything that the public didn't like. the public woke up and they ran away from him. >> the video reinforced what people felt in their gut. he was a man of the 1%, had offshore jobs and didn't feel for the americans. key, they want to make this on mitt romney, bain, and a man who has offshore--no, he wants to make this a referendum on obama's record. you're going to see that play out. it was trending toward becoming a referendum on mitt romney, the gilded age extremist. >> eliot: which was an easy win-- >> easier. >> eliot: until mitt romney succeeded with another etch-a-sketch. >> we are not sure which way it will go. president obama has a lot of small donors and he has called for public funding and overturning citizens united. the ads on the ground are mitt ro
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
society medicare, that is at issue here. i think that there is -- i'm glad we're having the philosophical discussion about redistribution, about the size of government because i think we need to have that discussion in those terms. i was actually shocked that mitt romney hasn't run as governor mitt romney in a more moderate guy, a guy who would -- i read an article recently that said i was expecting him to campaign on his healthcare bill. this was one of his aides. he didn't campaign on it. he's running against his own healthcare bill when he criticizes president obama's healthcare bill. so i think it is good the country's having this debate over the size and role of government. and i think if president obama wins, whether he really represents what his enemies say he represents, i think it will validate the other side that says there is a role for the size of government that we have now. >> eliot: before you jump in i want to say one thing. there is the philosophical conversation, in a way the more import
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)